Vice President Message


Mrs. Santosh Kaur

"Education is a human right with immense power to bring about transformation in the individual"

Every deserves a quality education founded on rights based approach and rooted in the concept of gender equality. Sardar Chanan Singh Ghumman Memorial College of Education is the leading institution in raising the status of both women and men through education. In this fast changing scenario of education, the learner is constantly facing the pressure of knowledge explosion, fast faced technology, pressure from peers, parental demands and stiff competition. The role of the present day teachers has become more important as compared to the earlier times because they have to keep in mind the philosophical, sociological and psychological aspects and needs of the child. Sardar Channan SIngh Ghumman Memorial College of Education produces compassionate teachers who can play a vital role in not only grooming the child but even transforming his personality.
In Sardar Chanan Singh Ghuman Memorial College of Education all our efforts are directed towards providing modern education, developing rational & scientific outlook in life and enabling all around development of the teacher by offering all latest facilites combined with Indian culture, ethos and spiritual values.
I am sure you will never regret choosing Sardar Chanan Singh Ghumman Memorial College of Education as the dream COLLEGE for seeking professional brilliance.

Thanks for your trust!