Cordinator Message


M.S. Ghumman

"Our challenge is to be bound not by traditions of the past but by our vision of the future as shaped by our purpose and beliefs."

Human resource like any other resource has to be utilized to the maximum. A teacher in the modern times urgently needs new perspectives in view of changing perceptions regarding his roles and responsibilities. Teacher's responsibilites and national development.
In today's scenario, the education, that has the power to transform society in a single generation by providing knowledge, skills and confidence, is of earnest need. The objective of teacher education has to take new steps from being perennial to progressive and from ideal to experimental. Therefore in sach a scenario proper vision and focus on aims is very conspicuous. But in many Indian institutions almost no training is being imparted for setting up of goals for life and for academic excellence.
It is matter of immense pride that Sardar Channan Singh Ghumman Memorial College of Education has sown the seeds for the prospective teachers to develop themselves as total quality individuals, imbibe appropriate learning and set up SMART goals in their life. The institution aspires to create such teachers, who not only carve a success niche for themselves but also lend a support and help to others through their services. We endeavour to groom well chiseled and skilled teachers to rise higher and higher.

I look forward to make this dream come true!